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Posted by dgbutterworth at Feb 7, 2017, 8:42:08 PM
No icon, missing textures, general installation questions
Hi, and many thanks for a great program.
I'd love some help cleaning up my installation.
- System: Mint 17.3
- Installation: Long ago, I install SH3D with the system package manager. It worked great, but was sadly out of date. In the process of upgrading, I got the Java Web Start to work, but could not get things to work in the ordinary manner.
- Version 5.3 - A great development. I got it to work on my system. Not being very sophisticated with Linux, I simply unpacked the program in the download folder (/home/dgb/Downloads-link/sweethome3d/SweetHome3D-5.3/) and spun it up. The primary script failed - pop-uo error message:

3D Error
Sweet Home 3D will exit now because of a fatal error in the 3D rendering system of you [sic] computer. Please update the DirectX/OpenGL drivers of your computer graphics card.

No problem - I fell back to "SweetHome3D-Java3D-1_5_2" => BINGO! I placed a link to my install on the desktop: "/home/dgb/Downloads-link/sweethome3d/SweetHome3D-5.3/SweetHome3D-Java3D-1_5_2" and lived happily.
- Version 5.4 - with things looking stable, I followed the directions for installation found at: .
Thus, my current functional install is at: /opt/SweetHome3D-5.4/
Running SweetHome3D script - I get the same 3D error that I got with version 5.3. No problem - SweetHome3D-Java3D-1_5_2 works just fine - with desktop link thereto.
Per the directions from HowToUbuntuNew - I attempted to create a launcher. I tweaked the instructions hoping to aim for the alternative launcher, as follows:
created file at:

file text:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Sweet Home 3D 5.4
GenericName=Interior 2D design application with 3D preview
Comment=Interior design Java application for quickly choosing and placing furniture on a house 2D plan drawn by the end-user with a 3D preview

The launcher was created and appears in my menu, but when clicked, I get the 3D Error noted above (so it appears to be aimed at the standard launcher, not the 1_5_2 launcher that works for me)
Also, while I attempted to update the app logo, as directed:
grab a logo icon from web. Name it sweethome3d.png and put it under /usr/share/icons/. or copy sweethome3d.png in folder SweetHome3D-5.3 put it under /usr/share/icons/.

Now the launcher has no logo, and when I run the script that works the app has no icon on the system panel.

Finally, I have for a while tried to import the available textures. Most recently, I imported
I see very few textures available in the program.
I note that the extensions and furniture library all work fine, and are visible from the "about" window. But the Libaries window lists only "furniture" and "extensions". It seems that it should list textures also, but it does not.

Things are working well enough, but it would be great to clean things up, and get them to work better.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

"... if it ain't broke, try harder"

Posted by Puybaret at Feb 7, 2017, 9:07:53 PM
Re: No icon, missing textures, general installation questions
From my own attempts, the line:
should be rather:

And about textures (or furniture) libraries, don't import the zip files you downloaded but the .sh3t (or .sh3f) they contain.
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer