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App crash when loading big files in Ubuntu 20.10

Hi you all,

I use Sweet home 3D since years ago, always in Ubuntu, but in the last version 20.10 and with Sweet home 6.4.2 (with Java3D 1.5.2) I have noticed a problem loading "big" files, or more than big, with a lot of different objects.

Sweet home 3D crashes and resets the whole Gnome Desktop.

After investigating a lot I realized, this doesn't happen if I open Sweethome as Root (with sudo). confused

At the end the problem was with the amount of RAM memory available for java in Ubuntu.

In order to check the amount of RAM reserved execute

java -XshowSettings:vm

The ouput will start with something like this:

VM settings:
Max. Heap Size (Estimated): 1.67G
Ergonomics Machine Class: server
Using VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM

Where the "Heap Size" is the memory.

In my system I have 8GB of RAM so I have increased to 4GB in order to be sure it will not crash at start.

In order to do that, simply add this env variable "_JAVA_OPTIONS" with the amount of RAM available, before execute Sweethome

_JAVA_OPTIONS=-Xmx4096m ./SweetHome3D-Java3D-1_5_2

And that's it.

I hope it helps other like me smile
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