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Calling all 3D modelers, animators, and riggers! Come join the SWARM!

Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to read this post!
I am Robby Hwang, the assistant producer of an Advanced Gaming Project (AGP) called SWARM. Situated at the University of California, we are hoping to make this game a reality!

We are looking for individuals who can take up the responsibilities one or more of the following roles:

3D Animators

Good understanding of kinematics and animation
Attention to detail is extremely important
Should be familiar with humanoid and insectoid animation
Unreal Engine 4 knowledge is a plus
Ability to rig characters along with animating them is a huge plus

3D Modelers

Ability to model low poly and high poly characters depending on requirement
Must be proficient with at least one 3d Software
Love for modeling bugs is a huge plus!!
Ability to UV your models/rig your models is a plus


Ability to develop both simplistic and advanced skeletal control rigs
Able to make custom rigs for non-bipedal characters
Very good understanding of anatomy

As for the game itself:

Swarm is a bug-­themed, third-­person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where the common central mechanic of pointing and clicking with a mouse is replaced with real­-time fighting mechanics via hand­held controls (like PS4 or XBOX controller). Swarm fuses the strategy of a MOBA (the macro) with the high­-speed decision making of a fighter game (the micro).

Swarm takes place in a world where two powerful bug colonies occupy a mutual territory which lacks enough resources for both to prosper. Therefore, each colony has no choice but to destroy the other, which must be done by annihilating the nest in which the enemy colony’s progeny, the larvae, develops. The world of bugs is cruel. There is no consideration for one’s life, only one’s kind. The choice is clear:
Genocide or Extinction!
If you are interested, you can:

- explore the work further at: - contact us at:
http://swarmmoba.com/ ; swarm.agp@gmail.com

And looking forward to see you soon!
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