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Massive CryEngine 3D model/animation resource pack through Humble Bundle

A little off-topic, but this month's Humble Bundle pay-what-you-want charity auction is for more than 20,000 resource files for 3D game development using CryTek's CryEngine game development engine. The total bundle contains over 50GB of data, representing 3 years' and $22 million (!) worth of effort -- but it all can be yours for as little as $13 US, donated to charity.

Files in a number of formats are included, with 3D assets provided primarily in a number of Autodesk variants -- .ma, .max, .fbx, and the like -- or in OBJ/MTL format. Textures are typically very high-resolution and provided in .png, .tga (Targa), or .psd (PhotoShop) formats. So, there's probably not much that could be used in SH3D right out of the box -- but with a little hammering, shoving, and swearing, who knows? This could be just what you've been waiting for to make your life-long dream come true: Some day, you and your family will live in an historically authentic Roman villa, on the side of a mountain in the middle of a wildlife refuge/safari park, complete with its own helipad and paintball course!

Currently, there appear to be several wildly varying licenses that apply to assorted components of the bundle -- including at least one that doesn't appear to reflect CryTek's current business model. Previous game development bundles have found similarly contradictory license agreements standardized and liberalized during the course of the offer, and I suspect this one will, as well. Even under the terms in effect today, though, the bulk of assets are being made available with only the most minimal of limitations (namely, one cannot redistribute the component files).

Again, of only marginal interest to most people here -- but for those who are interested, a very big deal.


P.S. As is the case with high-end video- and film-editing and post-processing suites; business process modeling and management; business operations simulation; VOIP and Unified Communications servers; and AI/neural network applications, high-end game engines and game development environments have largely transitioned to a 'freemium' model. Typically, core software is made available at no cost and can often be used, even in a commercial offering, royalty-free, with the publisher now looking to value-added products and services as a source of revenue. In addition to CryEngine, the previously commercial Unity, Unreal, Source, Neoaxis, Esenthel, idTech4, and Amazon Lumberyard engines and development environments are now available for free. And that's not counting such open-source projects of long standing as Torque, Blender, and Panda3D....
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