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Local Web-installation - Filehandling

hello there,

i just put this to the bar, because i guess this will be a longer thread. actually we work in our company with sh3d do create plans for each building and floors to get at least the plan and as a bonus the 3d model. with the new html5-plugin now we have the option to support also our mobile devices in a better way. because of the large mount of connected data i thought about to create a local webserver which provides all the informations in a better structured and selctable way. this part is basically solved. but we have also all the time some additions, adjustment etc. to the plans itself. actually i have to grab them, edit, and create new files etc, etc. put them to folders and link them to several other places. the idea is now, to put the sh3d-web-version to the local server to allow to grab the file, edit and save it (maybe also to pdf). question is, will this work in general? there will be no option to edit from a tablet without java - but i might work from every computer without installed version of sh3d. actually i have two places which i keep syncronized, but at least two other editors which might miss to update libaries etc. also new, created models etc, etc.

maybe someone of you did the same and can give some hints?

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Re: Local Web-installation - Filehandling

If I follow you correctly, you would like to let your users edit their .sh3d files with the Online version and update the HTML5 version when needed. That should be possible since the Exported homes manager is working on sweethome3d.com web server, with the exportHome method of HomeXMLFileRecorder class available in Export to HTML5 plug-in.
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer
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