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Optimising models

Some recent hints have given me reason to rethink making models altogether. Maybe especially Emmanuel's advice on simplification (and wrongly oriented normals), alaX' explanation of glow in thread 8206, the always insipiering posts by Cec (e.g. thread 7108) and not least enkonyito's ever illuuminating posts

Annoyingly, realisation dawned how much room there is for improvement. Revisiting earlier models made this embarrassingly clear. At random I picked a pendant lamp and set out to see how much could be done with no loss of quality and even improving certain features. Easy to reduce from 36 KB all the way down to 4 KB and compressed at 1,57 KB following the advice above. In addition to reduction in size and number of surfaces, I wanted to include texture mapping to the lampshade to avoid diagonal lines on one side when adding your own texture, and make something that could work with a single, built-in light source. All based on the assumption that SH3D and rendering will work faster.

Useful lessons learnt. A slight consolation can be found in the fact that lots of models found online are ridiculously large. Plan is to rebuild a better library with leaner models as personal need for them arises. This just to say thank you for all the comments. Test resultes in SF 3D models 455. All comments appreciated.
lamp_illum.zip (just model in obj format for editing, no lightsource but with glow)
small_models_lamp.sh3d (lightsource properties added in Home.xml smile)
PS. Trouble with learning is that one realises just how little one knows... (Sorry if this is a double post, but either the forum or my PC had a hiccup)

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