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New Wishlist

This is the new grab bag of wishes first started here . Our esteemed dev has seen fit to listen to our prayers and incense, and i hope will find favor in his eyes....



Custom Mouse Actions
Many of us are used to other 3D applications and we've gotten used to the mouse behaving in a certain way. To help flatten the learning curve, it would help if the Mouse Actions could be customized to the given functions, separately in the 2D window and the 3D View.

Displayed Mouse Coordinates
It would help to see exactly where in the floor plan the mouse cursor is located, to help with starting room points and polylines for example. This could be displayed in the Status bar at all times, if the option is enabled.
15° Constrain in Move/Copy
I often work not in 90° or even 45° increments; ideally we should have the option to Move or Copy items in 15° constraints.
Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
Working with Sweet Home would be more efficient if we have the option to define our own keyboard shortcuts. It would also be valuable if the more common plugins had their own as well.


Highlight Selection in 3D View
Orientating our view would be easier if we had the option to highlight the given selection in the 3D View. Ideally we should be allowed to customize the color of the highlight.
Wall View
One of the most important features we'd like to see is the Wall View of a given wall. It makes it easier for real world dimensioning and visualization. One would have the choice when selecting a wall whether to look at it from the left or right, and be allowed to draw polylines and dimension lines on the resulting view.
Reset Origin at Mouseclick
A contextual menu option would allow the mouseclick to be set to the origin of the grid (0,0). Basically this moves all the elements in a relative amount so that the mouseclick is 0,0.

Level Draw Option on other levels
There should be options to allow the selected level to be drawn on all levels, those above, those below, or only the same elevation.
Here's how it might look in an improved Modify Level dialog window.

Remember Dialog Locations
SH3D should remember dialog window locations. When we move them, we are moving them for a reason.


Aiding in the floorplan development of SH3D, template polyline shapes, perhaps in SVG format, would be importable. Perhaps SH3D could keep a separate folder for these shapes, and like other Polylines, they could appear in 3D View (and in the proposed Wall View) if so chosen.
Custom Polyline Display per Level
Like Level Draw, Polylines would have the option to display on all, above, below, or same levels.
Control Polyline Segments
When drawing Polylines with multiple segments, it would be great if we could manipulate the segments of the Polyline shape.
Half-Arrow Line Ending
A common technique in floor plans are the indicator lines with half-headed arrows. Can this be added to the list of arrow endings for Polylines?


Custom Wall Autocreation Method
When you double-click a defined room while in the Wall Creation mode, the walls are auto-created along the room edges. I would love to be able to define how the walls are created — with the walls' surfaces formed inside, outside, or centered on the room edges.
Un-join Walls
Many times i wanted to split a wall to introduce another element or have the wall follow another path. The only way to do this is to Split the wall in two places, then delete the middle section, then retrace one of the wall segments the way i wish. Can't we just have one command in the contextual menu to simply put a break in the wall segment at the mouseclick?


Unlit Textures
I would love to be able to flag any texture of a surface or in a material as "unlit" — that is, unaffected by the lighting algorithm and showing at its normal brightness in the 3D View.
Grouped Light brightness
We still don't have the ability to change the power of Grouped lights all at once.
Custom Light Types
I would love to have the ability to have different light types in the Photo/Video creation — namely, normal, non-incidental, spotlight, and shaped lights. Non-incidental lights do not factor the angle of objects in the brightness. Shaped lights can project a light shape from the source.
Custom Light Color/Strength
Custom-colored lights would help with ambience, while light "Strengths" can be defined by an equation, such as sin(x), sqrt(x), or tan(x), where x is the brightness at a given distance.


Video Animations
When creating videos, it would be great if we could account for animations, like a fire in a fireplace or a swaying tree (done thru gifs or movs). Later it would allow us to incorporate a moving sky or human model animations.


Sort Furniture List by more than one index
In some applications, the sorting index remembers the order of how you want a list sorted. The Furniture list would be easier to use if we could incorporate this. For example, click once on the Name column header, then everything is sorted alphabetically. Click again on the Visible column header, then everything is sorted first by the Visibility toggle, then second alphabetically. And so on.
Allow alternate color for furniture import
When previewing an icon both in furniture import and the furniture tree, a white object is completely hidden in the white background of the preview box. This color should be customizable.

Custom Furniture Icons in 2D View
Any piece of furniture should have a customizable icon that can be placed in the 2D view. This would make it easier to visualize a floor plan or simplify a CPU-hungry model. This icon can be listed as an element of the furniture model data, perhaps in a folder pathname.


Sorted Preferences
In an effort to reduce the complexity of options, the Preferences window should be sorted and tabbed. This would make it easier to locate options, as well as make room for a "Help field," which would give assistance on what an option does for the SH3D experience.
Here are some possible Preference tabs, with a few of the wishes listed here as examples:

Feet-Decimals Measurement
A sorely obvious missing feature, we Americans would love the option to have measurements show in Feet-Decimal format.

Misc Editing

Pivot Points for Rotation
Vital for any 3D program, the ability to rotate an object around a defined pivot point. SH3D could remember the pivot point for any piece of furniture in its own table, and we would have the option to reset it to the centerpoint of the model.

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Re: New Wishlist

Excellent suggestion!
Dual boot - AMD FX6300 6-core, 16GB ram
Windows 10 Pro, SH3D 6.2 with 8 GB memory allowance
Ubuntu 18.04, SH3D 6.2 with 2 GB memory allowance
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applause Re: New Wishlist

Unlit Textures
Custom Light Types
Custom Light Color/Strength
Video Animations

Let me say a few words.
1.sweet Home 3D is a software that is biased towards modeling, not rendering.
Usually I export OBJ to other rendering software.No need to set any lights

2.If you want to render in sweet Home 3D, Custom Light Types/Custom Light Color, can be solved by other methods.

Adding glass to the front of the light source can change the color of the light.

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Re: New Wishlist

Addendum 7/30/20

Option to Continue walls at Same Height as Source Wall
When continuing a wall from the endpoint of another wall, the user should have the option to draw the wall at the same height and perhaps with the other attributes (texture, shininess, etc) as the wall that holds the endpoint, instead of the default assigned in Preferences. This is especially useful when i'm using wall drawing as a means of creating shapes (before exporting to OBJ) -- the height of the wall may not be the default height (assigned in Preferences).
Perhaps when a modifier key is pressed when starting to draw a wall from another wall's endpoint, the source wall's attributes are assigned to the new wall when the wall-drawing is stopped.

Ignore Textures in Displays
When viewing the floorplans esp. with the 3D window open, the more textures you have, the more it slows down the view as the camera moves. This is especially problematic when you're making fine edits to dimensions of objects but the display only updates once every half or whole second. I'd love to be able to toggle the view so the textures aren't drawn on any furniture or structural components, in both the 2D and 3D views. A keyboard shortcut would be the best way to quickly turn it off or on.

Just like baseboards, i think cornices at the tops of walls where they meet the ceilings would be a nice feature for SH3D, and would eliminate a lot of guesswork and superfluous furniture. Of course, cornices should be measured from the top of a wall and should be independent of the ceiling structure. I'm especially needing this automatic addition in curved walls.
At first, perhaps a simple triangle or block extrusion along the top of the wall should suffice, but accomodation should be made in the program's data structure so that future versions allow for custom-shaped cornices.
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