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Posted by mazoola at Nov 18, 2015, 12:26:59 AM
Suddenly, huge file size...
Today, I noticed sh3d seemed to be taking an awfully long time to save my current home plan -- and when I checked my data directory, I discovered the file was at 660 Mbytes and counting. (For the past month or so, the plan typically hovered around 145 - 170 Mb; my most recent offline backup -- from 4 November, alas -- was around 70 Mb, compressed.) Even though the file still appaeared to load OK, I was reluctant to continue using it, as I feared it would eventually fail completely.

When I saved the .sh3d file compressed and opened it using an archive client, I discovered two oof the entries weren't as one would expect: Items 300 and 316 in the ContentDigests were both listed as "###/123/untitled/texture_3.jpg" -- but the 300 and 316 folders actually held seemingly complete copies of the entire plan. (More correctly, they appeared to hold complete copies of slightly earlier versions of the plan.) And in case that wasn't enough, inside folder 300 there was another copy of folder 316 (numbered '315' in this instance) for a third level of recursion. Folder 300 weighed in at 314 Mb, with 316 contributing another 156 Mb.

I tried hand-editing the compressed plan file, but could never get it clean enough for sh3d to accept it. (I'd get the erroneous file warning asking me to choose whether I wanted to replace or remove the missing objects; no matter what I chose, though, sh3d would quit, leaving me to kill the java process.)

In case the problem was caused by a corrupted model, I went through and deleted everything I'd added in the past two weeks, resaving after each deletion -- but to no avail. Since the failure didn't seem to be object-linked, I decided to take it the other direction -- starting with my two-week-old backup plan, I cut-and-pasted only the changes I'd made from the corrupted plan to the original. Unfortunately, when I went to save the updated plan, it again ran greater than 650 Mb. (I later discovered copying the doors and windows from one floor of the corrupted file to the back-up would cause the expansion -- but deleting them afterwards only brought the file down from 650+ to 335 Mb.)

Finally I returned to the backup plan and added all of my recent changes from scratch, re-importing the models. When I was done, the uncompressed .sh3d file was 172 Mb.

I also noticed there were two 'UNRECOVERABLE' files in the sh3d 'recovery' folder under 'Application Data' -- one 120 Mb and the other 327 Mb. These are near enough the sizes of folders 300 and 316 to suggest some link -- especially as this plan has never legitimately hit 200 Mb, let alone 300. Deleting those files, though, seemingly had no effect.

I understand this was, more than likely, a purely happenstance occurrence; given I have no idea what caused it -- or, for that matter, at what point in the past two weeks it happened -- I realize there's virtually no chance of reproducing it. I did want to pass along what little I was able to find, though, on the off chance it might help you resolve a known issue.