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Posted by mazoola at Nov 29, 2015, 9:54:53 PM
Re: Suddenly, huge file size...
I'd worked for most of a day with no problems, with the plan working its way to about 200 Mb. (I added several complex models built in Sketchup, so the sudden 50 - 60 Mb jump is normal.) However, after making a few tweaks to fix corrections I'd subsequently lost when reverting to an earlier save, I hit 'save' one last time -- and ended up with a 400 Mb file. (Fortunately, I actually hit 'save as,' so I only lost my final half-hour of fiddling about.)

Once again, I *didn't* copy/paste from file to file; however, I *did* perform a number of copy/paste operations from level to level.

I also deleted several [empty] levels I'd mistakenly added by hitting the '+' tab instead of my target.

In addition, I copy/pasted several *walls* -- not just furniture -- from one level to another. (For each of the 6 floors in my plan, I'm using as many as 7 co-located levels, for a current total of 24? 25? levels.)

I also experienced a previously unseen glitch earlier, when, after modifying an object's materials, its normal onscreen display was replaced by a featureless box with a texture applied. (As the texture happened to be the JPEG used as a diffusion map for the standard mirror object, after I'd edited a handful of objects, my plan looked like a mid-1990s showcase kitchen: shiny stainless steel as far as one could see.) Objects rendered without a hitch; only their 2D representations were corrupted.

I don't know if this suggests the recursive bug had occurred before my actual attempt to save, but while the program was laboriously writing its 400 Mb plan to disk, I took a look at sh3d's working directories. Inside the contemporary 'work' folder, I discovered two [auto?] saved plans, *each* weighing in at 400+ Mb. (Unfortunately, I failed to make a note of their respective timestamps, but IIRC, at the time of the save, they were both a dozen or more minutes old.) During the actual save, it appeared that both my .sh3d data file and the .RECOVERY file were being incrementally saved in tandem. Once the save was complete and I exited the program, both the .RECOVERY file and the current work folder were deleted automatically. (However, I still have four work folders dating from the 24th and 27th, totaling 1.1 Gb. I assume these are the result of a program crash -- quite possibly during my unsuccessful attempts to load a .sh3d file from which I'd removed a recursively saved plan -- and can safely be deleted.)

Unsurprisingly, every suspicion I had (primarily involving multitasking during the save process) has proven unfounded, and the problem occurs *just* infrequently enough that when it does, I typically can't reconstruct exactly what it was I'd done since the last problem-free save. When I return to sh3d later tonight or tomorrow, though, I'm planning to log each action, in hopes of nailing this sucker.