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Posted by mazoola at Dec 3, 2015, 9:06:52 AM
Re: Suddenly, huge file size...
mazoola, thanks for your patience to search a way to reproduce this issue. I don't think that saving the .recovery and .sh3d files at the same time is a problem, because the tasks that handle these operations work on copies of the edited home, so they don't share any data.

Sorry; I should've made it clear I wasn't reporting this because i thought there was a potential link, but simply in case what I was seeing wasn't what you expected. It's been 15? 16? years since I last did any serious Java development -- and, frankly, the only serious thing about it was that I charged someone for doing it; it was embarrassingly simple work -- but in subsequent years and using subsequent languages, I've occasionally run into problems when the language didn't execute concurrent processes the way I expected or did so in differing orders under differing conditions. Since I managed to catch the save processes in the act this time, I figured I'd pass it along.

I realize this is likely to be extremely difficult to reproduce, and likely even harder to correct -- I seem currently to be experiencing it more frequently than most, and even I can't get it to misbehave on demand. (I slapped sh3d around all evening without ever getting it to fail -- and that was after importing by far the ugliest furniture item to date: 50k+ faces, 230+ materials.) Right now I think I have procedural work-arounds in place -- namely, frequent and liberal saves -- so I'm no longer all that inconvenienced by it. I'm going to keep trying to see if I can reproduce the problem consistently, and as I try things I'll continue to post what will likely be completely irrelevant updates and documentation from time to time, just on the off chance something helps you troubleshoot this problem. If (when wink ) what I post is pointless, feel free to ignore it!