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Posted by mazoola at Jan 5, 2016, 8:07:43 AM
Re: Suddenly, huge file size...
So, after more than a month without this problem repeating,* I just now went to save a model that's been weighing in around 255 Mb -- and ended up with a 507 Mb model. Since the previous save, I'd performed no cuts-and-pastes between files or levels; instead, all I did was tweak a half-dozen or so light sources, duplicate another half-dozen or so, resize a couple of doors, and make an object invisible.

Emmanuel, could the problem be as simple as requesting a save while (or right as) the application is auto-saving the model? As best I recall, before I went to click 'save,' I heard my drive laboring as if under an automatic save. That's about the only pertinent potential linkage I noticed.


* Admittedly, I've not worked with SH3D daily during that period; 1 day out of 3 is probably a good estimate.