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Posted by mazoola at Jan 6, 2016, 1:21:18 PM
Re: Suddenly, huge file size...
Ah, the joy of simultaneous entry! smile Feel free to ignore my previous reply.

I can easily understand why I occasionally trigger this bug: At times I want to apply a texture to an object to match an existing object. Rather than go to the trouble of hunting through my texture list, I've gotten into the habit of opening an object with the desired texture, going into materials, reselecting the existing texture, and saving the [unchanged] object. This adds the texture thumbnail to the quick-pick array across the bottom of the texture selecter, making it easy to apply the texture elsewhere. I use the same technique with colors, as well.

This also explains why the trouble only kicked in with a vengeance for me with v 5.0: After I installed the latest version and loaded your predefined texture libraries, it still left me without a number of textures I'd used under 4.x. Although I still had the original images, in many cases I didn't recall at what resolution they'd originally been imported. Rather than go through a trial-and-error process to identify the correct size mapping,* I discovered I could make even textures not present in the current libraries available through the above steps. Unsurprisingly, that's when the trouble started.

My recent month+ without save errors most likely reflects I've been working primarily with newly created objects (and, accordingly, standard or newly loaded textures).

Given this latest information, I now recall that one of the changes I made prior to my latest bum save was an attempt to address the undefined face problem with some Sketchup models: I modified the materials in a long-existing object in hopes of correcting a photo texture that would occasionally disappear depending upon its orientation in relation to the camera. The texture in question no longer exists in the 5.0 library, so I picked it up from the existing object definition. Since the object had been present in the plan since May, it never occurred to me it could have contributed to the problem -- and, in fact, I'd completely forgotten I'd changed it.

I'm currently not at home, and for some reason I can no longer run SH3D on my system here. As soon as I can, I'll see if I can duplicate the problem. (Do I understand your last reply to mean I can open my 1/2-gig plan, either delete the offending object *or* change its material definition to remove references to the texture, and re-save the file once again in its 250-meg glory?)