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Posted by pencilart at Mar 4, 2008, 5:22:00 PM
Re: Doors made in Blender
After doing some research,

I looked at this: It's in French but there are many good screenshots that you can go by. Skip down to page 40 and see if you can at least get some understanding of what is being done by looking at the photos. I also used AltaVista's translator ( to figure out the text.

This is what I had to do then:
In any text editor, change the lines that start with o, to g and then change the part name to something like, cube or cube_1 or if it's a plane then just plane or plane_1 or plane_2, etc. Rename all intended window parts to "sweethome3d_window_pane" (no quote marks)

While still in your text editor:
In the "usemtl" part, replace the material info with just a color name like, "lighttan" or if it's a window, "flltgrey". lighttan makes a pleasing dark wood look.

So it would be:
g sweethome3d_window_pane
usemtl flltgrey

g Cube_6
usemtl lighttan