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Posted by VeroniQ at May 17, 2021, 3:50:05 PM
Re: Side view plug-in
I combined this great new plugin with OKH ideas published in this old thread to realize this image.

The aim was to be able to add some dimension lines on side views of the house available in the demo #8, which I slightly changed.
With the plugin, I created two side views of the house in .png files, that I reimported in two new designs with the Plan > Import background image tool.
At the second step of the Background image wizard, I entered the main dimension of the house.
Then, in the Plan, I added some horizontal and vertical dimension lines with the Create dimensions tool. I had to increase the size of the dimension numbers.
In File > Page Set up dialog box, I only selected Print Plan and printed the plan in a PDF file.
I repeated this process for the second side view and finally, I neatly assembled the two images in an image processing piece of software to get the final image.