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Sweet Home 3D 4.6

Sweet Home 3D 4.6 was released on February 2, 2015 with bug fixes described in version history.

Most corrections target the versions of Sweet Home 3D that run with Java 7 or 8 under recent Mac OS X systems, like Java Web Start version and the Online version.
Windows installer was also modified to grant a higher max memory to Sweet Home 3D when run under a 64-bit system.

Finally, the version 1.5.1 of the furniture libraries was released with updated Swedish and Polish translations.

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Avatar: Anonymous

Setting an Angle problem

 Dear All,

I am using version 4.4. I couldn't find away to create a room or floowplan with angle (corner) for example 110 degrees. I can do 90 than 105 , than 120 ect. The stel is only 15 grad. Can you, please,  help me changing the step to 1 grad for example?


Avatar: Emmanuel Puybaret

Setting an Angle problem

 Just disable magnetism in the preferences.

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