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Furniture libraries 1.6

On February 10, 2016, furniture libraries were updated with 180 new 3D models.

Supermarket 2016 by Véronique Puybaret

This update contains all kind of models created by Sweet Home 3D and Blend Swap contributors, as well as Scopia and Reallusion. It includes some furniture, some boys and girls, a few more animals and many new doors, windows and staircases. The following image shows all the new models and I hope you'll find them useful.

There's now a much larger choice of staircases, and the materials set on the new models let you configure them in many ways. You can customize their tread, riser, stringer, railing and baluster, or even hide a part if needed, using a transparent texture or the Invisible material option that will come soon in Sweet Home 3D 5.2.

This update includes also many more windows, from simple to quadruple windows, with or without small panes, as well as some arched windows. To get a more realistic rendering, it also proposes also a wider choice of railings.

These additional models are available at the free 3D models page and in the updated SH3F furniture libraries (a few older models were also fixed). Use the following links to download the updated librairies:

These SH3F files are (partially or fully) translated in Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese.
The furniture catalog available in the Sweet Home 3D Online was also updated to let users have access to the 1205 available models. Like previously, the new Scopia 3D models are copyrighted jointly by Emmanuel Puybaret / eTeks and Scopia Visual Interfaces Systems.

Many thanks to all the designers and the translators for their contribution to free models, particularly to OKH for all the models he kindly contributed during the past years.

Avatar: Julie

Please help! I need a few models.

 If anyone could please share with me a model for a traditional wall sconce, a wingback chair, and an upholstered ottoman I would be so appreciative!  I also would love any suggestions on easy ways to make models myself (I am not very computer-saavy!).  Thanks SO much!

Re: Furniture libraries 1.6

Emmanuel --

I wanted [belatedly] to thank you and OKH for the latest batch of models. I hadn't really sat down and gone through them until today -- and there're some really great items there! In fact, a number of things that last year I had to go to 3D Warehouse to find are now part of the standard [extended] libraries. Thanks so much!


Avatar: Dale

Re: Furniture libraries 1.6

Hi Everyone.  I am new to SH3D and am looking for a jukebox.  Does anyone have one?  I haven't found one in the furniture libraries.  Thanks! 

Re: Furniture libraries 1.6

Every above designs are amazing. I love all the collections in the library . The staircase designs are the best part.  

Avatar: Anonymous

Re: Furniture libraries 1.6



how to add libraries to sweet home 3d??

Avatar: Emmanuel Puybaret

Re: Furniture libraries 1.6

Download previous files, unzip them and  import the SH3F file they contain by choosing Furniture > Import Furniture Library... menu item.

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