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Best video tutorials about Sweet Home 3D

There are several ways to find some help to use Sweet Home 3D: the help included in the software, its FAQ, its user's guide, the forum and... some video tutorials.
In our Summer survey, 20% of you declared watching tutorials, and we thought it could be nice to honor the best video tutorials in this article.

There are hundreds of Sweet Home 3D tutorials on YouTube! Short or long, mute or spoken in many different languages, good or less attractive, oldies or recent videos, unique ones or parts of a serial, popular or unknown...
After viewing most of them, I made the drastic selection below. The criteria were: skillfulness of the practice, comprehension of the software, swiftness, quality of the sound... but also, like for any choice, I did some subjective choices.
Sorry for the unselected videos, congratulations for the mentioned ones. But, above all, a big thank you to all of the tutorials contributors.

- Let me begin with the "official" tutorial available on Sweet Home 3D channel:

Covers all the bases in 10 minutes    Seven years old, but a new one was published in 2018

Also available in French on Dailymotion, these videos are the most popular ones: 385000 views on YouTube, more than 1 million on Dailymotion... Almost cult movies!

However, I didn't feel that the number of views criteria was really relevant to make a selection: the most popular ones are often the oldest ones, but not always the best ones. On the contrary, the Sweet Home 3D topic, automatically generated by YouTube, gives a good selection and especially the following ones.

- Seanwasere produced 10 videos:

Energetic voice, nice presentation    He forgot to mention the double clicking tip to create rooms

- The YouTube topic highlighted also Anh Đinh. Not only he creates very nice tutorials, but he is a good fellow on the forum and was one of our contest winner. I preferred the videos without music:

Mute, neat, recent    A bit too long in the choice of the decoration

- In English, I also liked the EdTech 536 three tutorials:

Short, dynamic, good English    Too talkative, sometimes too insure and basic

- I appreciated the various topics addressed by Goddess Athena channel, among which 20 shorts tutorials in English or mute:

Various and sometime rare topics    Manipulations often too quick

- In French, I appreciated the Barbuche TV tutorial, under Linux environment:

Nice voice    Unusual beginning with dimensions first created

- Also in French, let me point out the interesting and very professional video of Guillaume Durieux, occupational therapist (ergothérapeute):
  How to import from Sketchup some furniture he need in his job

Unusual use    For specialist

- If you speak Russian, there are many tutorials available in this language:

For the huge Sweet Home 3D Russian community!    Often too long

- If you speak Chinese, Shin-Chun Lee, one of the Chinese translators of Sweet Home 3D and author of a book about it, produced nearly one hundred videos, making a very complete panorama of uses, even if most of them are quite old:

For the Sweet Home 3D Chinese community!    Only if you speak Chinese

- In Italian, I appreciate NiktorTheNat who did 7 nice tutorials:

Always pleasant to hear Italian!    A too long introduction, too talkative

- Mute but with many information written in arabic, this video produced by Emad Ali is neatly done (even if the result is disappointing!):

Neatly done    Hesitant handling

Thanks again to all the contributors! Don't hesitate to encourage them by writing some comments in their videos or subscribing to their channel.

Thumb icons made by Dave Gandy from are licensed under CC 3.0 BY

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