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Textures libraries 1.2

Do you want to test new decoration options in your home? Here are 182 free new textures distributed under Creative Commons CC-BY license and designed by Scopia, OKH and eTeks. The new images cover many different usages, like wallpapers, mosaics, rugs, exterior walls, garden grounds and other kinds of materials.

Added to the 236 previously released images, you can now quickly get 418 free textures in Sweet Home 3D, translated and optimized for the program. Except for the rugs images, all of them are seamless to let you apply them nicely on large surfaces.

Download textures

The new textures were added to the existing SH3T textures libraries that you can download with the following links:

The SH3T files included in these ZIP files may be installed by choosing Furniture > Import Textures Library... from the menu, and are translated in Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.
The textures catalog available in the Sweet Home 3D Online was also updated to let users access to the new textures.
As before, SH3T files are themselves some kind of ZIP files, from which you can extract individual texture images with any ZIP tool if needed.

New example in the gallery

Coming with these new libraries, here's a new modern house with a large terrace added to Sweet Home 3D gallery. Designed by Véronique, it uses of course some of the new textures.

Many thanks to OKH and Carlos Folch from Scopia for their very nice textures, as well as to Sweet Home 3D faithful contributors who translated them.

Avatar: LeO

Re: Textures libraries 1.2

Hi, I installed this program (6.1.2) recently, and I am loving it!! thank you I want to import new textures, it's installed successfully...but I can't seem to find the new library in (modify rooms) to use them... any trick to solve this?
Avatar: Emmanuel Puybaret

Re: Textures libraries 1.2

First, be sure to import the SH3T file contained in the ZIP file you downloaded and not the ZIP file itself. Then the new textures will appear in the texture choice dialog box at all the places where you can select a texture.
Avatar: Anonymous

Re: Textures libraries 1.2

Calling up texture doesn't work! Loading libraries works well. I can't load individual image files. I'd like to add one texture file, like adding furniture one by one, but...No window interaction appears.
Avatar: Emmanuel Puybaret

Re: Textures libraries 1.2

You can import an individual texture image with the wizard displayed by Furniture > Import texture menu item, or with the Import button in the dialog box used to choose a texture.
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