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Renovations 3D for Android

Can't wait any longer to edit your Sweet Home 3D files under Android? Renovations 3D is for you!

Introducing Renovations 3D

In case you didn't know, Sweet Home 3D is written in Java, which is also the language used to write apps on Android. You might think this is a very good point and that porting this application to Android would be a simple task, but the programing language isn't the only thing that matters! A complex and feature rich app requires plenty of libraries which allow programmers to develop it faster; libraries to read/write data in files, to draw in 2D or in 3D, to handle user interface items like buttons, text fields, etc. In the case of Sweet Home 3D, the problem has been that some of the libraries it requires are quite different under Android when compared to desktop systems or in some cases don't exist, causing adapting the program to Android to be difficult.
But Phil Jordan, a talented developer from New Zealand, decided to overcome these difficulties during the past months. He has developed or adapted the missing Java desktop libraries to be able to reuse as much as possible the components of the existing source code of Sweet Home 3D under Android. This lead to a new app named Renovations 3D that you can try now on tablets or smartphones running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher.

User interface

As these tablets or smartphones typically have a much smaller screen than a desktop, Phil Jordan altered the user interface of Sweet Home 3D to display its 4 panes in 4 different views navigated by swiping the screen, the plan being displayed by default. At the bottom of the screen, there is a banner showing ads that will be removable soon with an in-app purchase.
Here are screenshots showing how the panes of Renovations 3D render with a smartphone. 

Plan and 3D Aerial View of SweetHome3DExample5.sh3d of the gallery
Furniture catalog and furniture list

You may navigate in the 3D view either in Aerial view mode or in Virtual visit mode, using one finger or two fingers to move around, and with the possiblity to change the orientation of the screen if needed.

Virtual visit of SweetHome3DExample5.sh3d

Most features of Sweet Home 3D can be found in the user interface, the menu and the dialog boxes of Renovations 3D, to let you draw walls and rooms, add furniture in the plan, add levels, then modify furniture, walls, rooms, dimension lines, texts, 3D attributes and preferences. You may also import furniture and textures libraries.

Menu shown in the plan view and room modification dialog box

Of course, the larger screen of a tablet will help you to work more comfortably and avoid to scroll too often.

Room modification dialog box on a tablet


As Phil Jordan wanted to keep some portions of the code of Renovations 3D closed source, he couldn't distribute his app under the GNU General Public License like Sweet Home 3D. He has agreed to make a significant amount of his code open source, and some of it can be seen now on github and bitbucket. Nevertheless, I granted him a special license to let him distribute his app on Google Play under another license, and in exchange, he agreed to share a part of the revenues he hopes to make with Renovations 3D. I preferred to accept his proposal, rather than refusing it, to let Android users discover apps compatible with Sweet Home 3D from today, instead of waiting longer for the other solutions that are in the works on my side. I also think it's a good thing that searching "Sweet Home 3D" in Google Play won't lead only to apps developed by competitors!

On my side, I continue to program a JavaScript/WebGL solution that can be used in web browsers as well as in Android and iOS apps. This solution will remain open source and be distributed under the GNU GPL like Sweet Home 3D, and I hope it will be available sometime this year. But I won't say more because today, all the honors should go to Phil Jordan and his app. Congratulations and long live Renovations 3D!
Hope you like it 

Aerial View of SweetHome3DExample11-HouseWithTerrace.sh3d

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Avatar: Ludovic

Android version needed

What a good news !

But I think there is a little error in "on tablets or smartphones running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher".

My old tablet running Android 4.1.1 can't install Renovations 3D ;-(

And, on the Playstore, there is noticed "run on 4.4 or higher"

Can you confirm the lowest Android version needed ?

Thanks you.


Re: Renovations 3D for Android

Thank you very much for pointing that out, it is a mistake on my part.

The manifest file for the uploaded app has a higher number set than it should. Emmanuel is correct the minimum version should be (and was until sometime recently) 4.1 Jelly Bean.

When I upload version 1.91 in the next few days this number should drop and correcly show 4.1.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Avatar: Clayton van der Haar

Re: Renovations 3D for Android

Hi Phil

I am curious about this code but cannot find you on Github or Bitbucket can you let me know what the links are.

Thanks Clayton

Avatar: Philjord

Re: Renovations 3D for Android


Thanks for taking an interest, the source code can be found on bit bucket, here:

This will show you how it's built on Android, and also the major touch interface differences with Sweet Home 3D.

The complexity in the code comes primarily because the Java3D it's built against is a special clone with all the AWT code removed. That clone of Java3D can be found here:,,

In order to split the changes required to SweetHome3D into those for Java3D-and and those required to run on Android, there is a project called Renovations3D-desktop that makes SweetHome3D run on Java3D-and here:

This project is built on the SweetHome3D code, then Renovations3d-android is built on Renovations3d-desktop.

It's a bit complex, but it has to be this way so changes to SweetHome3D can flow through to Renovations3D-android in a few minutes and a couple clicks.

If you have any questions regarding the code I'm very happy to explain further.

A final note, to prevent clone apps of Renovations3D from turning up on Google Play (which is a huge problem there) I've had to keep a small portion of the code closed source, so you won't be able to build a working app, unless you re-write that code.



Avatar: Anonymous

Re: Renovations 3D for Android

Hello, thanks for your work! Could you please provide compatibility matrix between SteetHome3D and Renovations3d-android? It is not clear which version of SteetHome3D is supported by Renovations3d-android...
Avatar: Azaria

Re: Renovations 3D for Android - FAN SWEET HOME 3D

Bonjour, Grand félicitation, pour Sweet Home 3D. j'aime bien votre logi et à chaque fois qu'on me demande. Je conseille à tous de l'utiliser. Et comme l'Android est de plus en plus envahi notre Ere je cherche s'il y a Sweet là. Et là, vous venez de nous trouver une solution. Quand même, sur PC c'est encore mieux avec tous vos bibliothèque. Grand merci à vous
Avatar: Doc Diego garcia

Re: Renovations 3D for Android

Se puede hacer la visita 3d en video. Me gustó usarlo más aquí en Android que en la pc. Yo soy médico pero me gusta diseña yo mis proyectos

Re: Renovations 3D for Android

eu sugeriria fazer uma versao apenas para view, onde voce importasse um trabalho ja feito em desktop e que voce tivesse apenas as vista aerea e vista virtual, sem fazer alteraçoes. Acredito que ja seria muito interessante. Porque para fazer o projeto todo no celular, a tela eh muito pequena e dificil
Avatar: Anonymous

Re: Renovations 3D for Android - lost files

I saved two files and now, I can't find them. When I try the File/Open option, it brings me back to the 2 existing samples, and not to the files I created.
Avatar: Mike Ventrone

Re: Renovations 3D for Android

Hi mate frome Rome. Thank you for the great job, I purchase the full version, because I love it but I couldn't find out how to make a video: i have a Samsung note 10 plus. When i click on the icon of the camera, in 3d view mode, nothing happens. I can only change the point of view of the viewer like eyes high and aperture. I need it in order to make presentations. First i believed that it was because it wasn't the full version but as soon as i purchased i realized that is exactly the same. Could you help me? Thanks a lot.
Avatar: kokbira

Re: Renovations 3D for Android

Which is the compatible SW3D software version? I downloaded the last version of SW3D for PC, but when opening with Renovations 3D a message informed that some incompatibility may happen...
Avatar: Emmanuel Puybaret

Re: Renovations 3D for Android

The current version of Renovations 3D is 6.310, i.e. SH3D files will be compatible with Sweet Home 3D 6.3.
Avatar: Sowaf

Re: Renovations 3D for Android

Hi! I just discovered this excellent mobile version. Thank you for your useful work. Is there an option to print a plan as PDF, like in desktop version?
Avatar: Lizzie Storm

Glitchy Textures

Hi I love this program but every so often my objects and textures will glitch in 3D mode creating black shapes everywhere like coming out of them and things and the only way to fix it it to restart the program. Bear in mind however I am using custom content and custom textures but is there anyway to fix this bug? Thankyou so much
Avatar: Anonymous

Re: Renovations 3D for Android

Goodmorning to all of you, first of all, I want to do apologize for my english. I use, and used Sweethome 3D from a long time and for important projects with good results. Conratulations. I user also Renovation 3D on my tablet (wrote in object with Android 5.0.1) several months ago (end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020) and it was working good (just to see projects made with Sweethome 3D and made little changing; it's really difficult create a project on a tablet). It works correctly, than, I disinstalled it. Last october, I wanted instal it again to use for made modifications on a project Sweethome, but, no way to open those files and also demos and new file. It is not usable on my tablet. Can you able to do something to let it work again? Kindly regards Luigi Rosito

Re: Renovations 3D for Android

Hi, I Wonder if it is possible to duplicate objects and how to to do this? Br Tom
Avatar: Emmanuel Puybaret

Re: Renovations 3D for Android

Avatar: Anonymous

Re: Renovations 3D for Android

Hi, yes, copy&paste would be great... but I have only found a Copy check box under Edit, and from there it's not obvious what to do, I mean, no Paste option... I'm using a galaxy tab S4, with the pen, so its not as easy as Ctrl-V, ecen with a physical keyboard attached. So, the question is how do you copy'n paste in Renovations 2d view?
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